2024 Best Of Readers’ Choice Awards

Voting in the Lynchburg Living Best Of Readers' Choice Awards in a great way to support the places you frequent and the community individuals you love here

Voting in the Lynchburg Living Best Of Readers’ Choice Awards is a great way to support the places you frequent and the people you love here in the greater Lynchburg area. We rely on readers like to you to determine who the best businesses and individuals are in our region in a variety of categories from everything Food & Drink to Home & Garden and beyond. Winners will be those who receive the highest number of votes overall in their categories at the conclusion of the contest. We thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to sharing the results with you in our January-February 2024 issue of Lynchburg Living!

The Lynchburg Best Of Awards: 
VOTING PERIOD: July 27-September 11, 2023
Note: If you do not see your favorite business in the ballot, you may nominate them up until August 10. This nomination will also serve your vote.

Rules and Regulations

  • You may vote one time per category for the duration of the contest (a nomination counts as a vote!).
  • Lynchburg Living reserves the right to modify any categories and/or contestants.
  • A contestant may be nominated in a maximum of six categories. Any nominations following their sixth category will be removed.
  • A contestant will be immediately disqualified if they are found guilty of violating one of the following contest rules:
    • Exchanging a good or service for votes (including bribes, sales, discounts, free, etc.)
    • Exploiting a competing contestant negativetly for personal gain or votes
    • Participating in fraudulent voting (3rd party resources, fraudulent emails, etc.)
    • If you see someone guilty of any of the above, please report to kelsey@vgnet.com

Were you nominated and want to promote? Use our complimentary voting toolkit to help spread the word!


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