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Step away from the grill this summer and let someone else do the work once in awhile. We recommend these three unique local burgers, all

Step away from the grill this summer and let someone else do the work once in awhile. We recommend these three unique local burgers, all perfectly paired with craft beer.


The Mac Attack
at Beale’s Brewery
510 Grove St., Bedford •

Two house ground chuck and brisket blend patties topped with American cheese, homemade mac and cheese, and hot sauce. (Add bacon for extra flavor.)

Take your napkin and tuck it into your collar because this burger experience isn’t for the prim and proper. The Mac Attack at Beale’s Brewery combines the classic American cheeseburger with an all-time favorite comfort food—then a rich and complex tangy hot sauce seals the deal.

According to pitmaster Neal Agee, “Everything on this burger is made in house, fresh daily.” Be sure to ask for a fork because you’ll want to scrape up every last bit of this messy creation from your plate.

Wash it down with: A flight of Beale’s beers that are brewed just feet from where you sit. (Pictured: Gold, Silver, Red and Black)

Black & Blue Bacon Jam Burger
at Benjamin’s Restaurant
14900 Forest Rd., Forest •

80/20 Sterling Silver ground chuck topped with blue cheese crumbles, Benton’s Smoky Mountain Tennessee bacon mixed with caramelized onions, brown sugar and local honey, and Arugula.

Sweet, spicy, creamy, smoky, juicy—if it’s possible to pack every savory flavor into one beef experience, Benjamin’s Restaurant accomplished that with their Black & Blue Bacon Jam Burger. “It has a wider spectrum of flavors and unique ingredients than most other burgers,” explained owner Benjamin McGehee.

The bold blue cheese is the perfect complement to a unique “bacon jam” and some spicy Arugula. We would give this burger two thumbs up but we’re too busy stuffing our faces.

Wash it down with: Ben recommends a “big IPA” that can stand up to the burger’s powerful flavor, particularly the Hells Frozen IPA from Apocalypse
Ale Works.

The Hogtown
at Fifth and Federal Station
801 Fifth Street, Lynchburg •

8oz. burger cooked to your preference topped with slow cooked pulled pork, house smoked bacon and a savory bacon bourbon jam.

Barbecue… bacon… bourbon… your encounter with a burger doesn’t get much more Southern than this.

The Hogtown is crafted 
by Fifth and Federal’s
Chef Rufus, formerly
of Toy Town Soul
Food in Amherst—this piece of pork lovin’ goodness is a nod to the nearby Madison Heights.

Y’all will not be able to put this one down after the first bite.

Wash it down with: Their house brew, Chaos Federal Reserve—a Scottish ale brewed by Chaos Brewing Company then aged in Smith Bowman bourbon barrels.


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