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Calling all foodies! As you likely already know, Lynchburg’s restaurant game is strong.

The eateries featured in this issue, those participating in Lynchburg Restaurant Week, and a myriad of others boast delectable dishes and drinks that are undoubtedly worth a venture out. That said, the Lynchburg area also has plenty of offerings for discerning foodies that can be prepared and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Read on for details about five of our favorites!

Blackwater Bitters Co. Bitters
Blackwater Bitters Co., owned by Christy Christmas and Katie Elliott, is dedicated to producing high-quality and handcrafted bitters for foodies who want to add some zest to their drinks and food. Their small-batch production process often involves use of a tincture-based method, in which each agent is extracted individually, steeped from one to four weeks, and then combined. Products include cedar, orange, mocha, lavender, aromatic, celery, and rosemary bitters, and purchases can be made online or at select retailers in Lynchburg. For more information or to order online, visit

T.C. Trotters Moose Mix for Bloody Marys
After T.C. Trotters Restaurant & Bar closed its doors, the company continued to produce its famous Moose Mix for Bloody Marys and sell it online and at various retailers. Then, near the end of 2020, owner Paul Webster opened a storefront on Commerce Street where the mix is made and where customers can sample the mix at a tasting bar. Each bottle is handmade and hand-poured, and the mix is bold, hearty, and just the right amount of spicy. It also doesn’t get watered down no matter how long you nurse it, and it tastes great with vodka or on its own. For more information or to order online, visit

Gunnoe Sausage Co. Country Sausage
Gunnoe Sausage Co. has been making fresh country sausage in Goode, Virginia since 1965. According to owner Craig Gunnoe, the formulations and flavor profiles haven’t changed, and the Gunnoe family recipe, which spans four generations, continues to impress. Country sausage varieties include sage, mild, and hot. Gunnoe products can be found in Virginia grocery stores and in stores throughout the mid-Atlantic. For more information, visit

Scratch Pasta Co. Pasta
Scratch Pasta Co. was created in 2017 by Chef Stephanie Fees, who is passionate about sharing her love of high-quality pasta with others. The pasta combines simple, fresh, and carefully-sourced ingredients with hand-made textures that are ideally suited for sauce. From spinach fusilli to spicy garlic mohawks to squid ink campanelle, Scratch Co. offers unique and flavorful options for every palate. You can purchase Scratch Pasta Co. products at the Lynchburg Community Market and online. For more information or to order online, visit

Stone Spice Company Spices
Stone Spice Company offers unique handcrafted, small-batch dry rubs and seasonings. Owner Josh Stone is dedicated to using the highest-quality spices to produce his original recipes, and he uses organic products as often as possible. Offerings include several varieties of the sweet and salty “BBQT,” including “Kickin’ BBQT,” “Screamin’ BBQT,” and “Buzzin’ BBQT,” along with “Sketti Sprinkle,” “Everything Sprinkle,” “Hot Toddy,” and more. Stone Spice products are available for purchase online and at many retailers throughout Virginia. For more information or to order online, visit


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