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How to overhaul the coziest spot in your home If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the significance of how we spend

How to overhaul the coziest spot in your home

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the significance of how we spend our time at home, and, for many of us, that has led to the realization that it may be time for some redecorating. And, we would argue, your bedroom is the perfect place to begin.

If the rest of your home is used for living, working from home, caring for your family, corralling pets, and the general mess of life, then your bedroom should be an escape from all of that. As Katrina Morris, owner of Katrina & Co., puts it, “Your bedroom is your sanctuary.” Adding, “It should be where you’re able to rejuvenate, relax, and shut out the rest of the world.”

We couldn’t agree more! So, we asked local design experts what’s trending in the world of bedding, giving you a head start on putting together a beautiful and restful bed.

First: Out With the Old
“So many of us are trying to clear the clutter, and we want to reduce,” says Morris. With bedding, simplicity is the name of the game, both visually and functionally. People are investing in “luxurious bedding” over the amount of bedding, Morris says. Lots of pillows are a thing of the past. “No one wants a bed with lots of pillows—[that trend] was over the top.” Morris also sees heavy patterns going away in favor of rich neutrals.

Ashley Hilbish, Principal Designer for Curtains, Blinds and Bath (CBB Home), sees simplicity of form trending as well. “I see people eliminating bed skirts and, honestly, box springs in general,” she says. “People are gravitating toward a platform-style bed that has a nicer metal, wood, or fabric frame.”

Finally, all-white bedding and “beds in a bag” should be avoided in favor of a more curated, personalized look. “Less is more, so make a statement,” Hilbish says.

bedding refreshNext: In With the New
Show-stopping doesn’t have to mean “cluttered.” The first thing to consider is your layers. Hilbish recommends “mixing a duvet with a quilt or a quilt with a throw.” Taking this approach allows some flexibility for seasonal changes (heavier quilts for colder months) or to rotate your decorative top layer simply to keep things feeling fresh throughout the year. “In thinking of duvet covers,” Morris says, “You can have something thick and fluffy, fold it down and interchange that without having to get a whole new bedspread.” In selecting your layers, prioritize a variety of textures; this is key for a lux look. “Our stock waffle weave quilt is our favorite” to incorporate, says Hilbish. “It’s super-soft on the back and gives a lovely texture to the bed, no matter the size.”

For Morris, washable Belgian linen is a top choice due to its wearability and beauty. While she sees heavy patterns going away, Morris does love to incorporate “some pattern like a nice stripe or subtle plaids—these will always be in; you can even bring in a floral.”

In terms of colors, both Hilbish and Morris are seeing a lot of beautiful blush tones and earth-toned neutrals; olive, muted navys and greens, cream, and terra cotta are all trending right now.

Finally, the last thing to consider is the pillows. Oversized lumbar pillows—close to 60 inches in length—are in vogue. “Short lumbars aren’t for your bed anymore,” says Morris. “You don’t want anything smaller than 36 inches.” Both Morris and Hilbish favor the oversized lumbar because it takes up visual space and makes a strong statement. Plus, it saves you from having to move multiple pillows all the time. “For a more modern look, jump right from the Euro [pillows] to a long, oversized lumbar with your layers,” Hilbish says.

Also helping to simplify, the Dutch Euro pillow is a newer concept that’s starting to trend. “It’s basically a huge, gigantic pillow that acts as a Euro sham on steroids,” Hilbish says. “It eliminates an extra pillow; you use only one on a queen and two on a king size bed.”

The Essentials
Regardless of trends, our experts agree quality bedding is well worth it. Morris’s favorite choice is the bamboo sheets they carry at Katrina & Co. “My husband says these are one of the best things I ever bought for our home!” Sheets are a good place to start, she says, because they make the most contact with your body. “Bamboo is the most natural and organic fabric you can get.”

Hilbish favors the cotton quilts they carry at CBB Home; “splurging on bedding doesn’t have to mean $500,” she says. Going with quality means “it will wash up better and tends not to pill or shrink. Our quilts will give you more than five years of wear.”

Morris echoes this advice: “People are moving away from delicate, dry clean–only fabrics and preferring washable bedding.”

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