Behind the Scenes: America’s Next Top Dog Model?


What happens when you’re giving the local magazine a tour of your home and your dog won’t stay out of the way? You invite her into the photo shoot, of course!

Victoria Bartholomew and Jordan Reeves have lots of pets (five cats and two dogs), but Ida, their two-year-old Great Dane, is definitely the most social of the bunch.

When photographer Ashlee Glen attempted to get a portrait of the homeowners on their couch, Ida jumped into the middle of the shot and decided she was staying put.

There were a couple of times Ida had to be corralled into the kitchen while Ashlee took photos of the rest of the home.

Editor Shelley Basinger distracted her with her treats—and also snapped a few selfies.

Go inside their modern eclectic Rivermont Avenue home starting on page 59!


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