Behind the Scenes July/Aug 2021


When looking ahead to each issue of Lynchburg Living, we are always planning our content with a big question in mind—what will the cover be? With a feature about farmers markets underway, Editor Shelley Basinger and Art Director Chris Meligonis were drawn to the idea of a bright, farmers market scene for the 2021 Summer Issue.

Chris envisioned having some kids be a part of the action and even suggested Shelley’s 4-year-old daughter, Camille, as being a good fit. Shelley decided to ask Camille’s best preschool friend, Lennox, to join.

On a sunny Saturday in May, Shelley and the kids met up with photographer Ashlee Glen at the Lynchburg Community Market. Brick Goldman, owner of Goldman Farm in Cullen, was such a good sport when asked to be a part of an “action shot.”

Best of all? Brick gave Camille and Lennox that carton of strawberries to enjoy.

Read the full story about local farmers markets starting on page 103!


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