Behind the Scenes MAKING A SPLASH


When planning out photography for our cover story, “Cocktails by Neighborhood,” we had our hearts set on capturing the iconic drink “splash” photo.

The splash made the most sense for the cocktails served with ice. At these restaurants, photographer Ashlee Glen made sure to capture all of the other shots she needed on her checklist first, including photos of each bartender making the drink and the finished product with garnishments.

After those were completed, Ashlee requested a new drink, with no ice, since having ice already in the glass would hinder a dramatic splash.

Then, Ashlee’s daughter, Gareth, was tasked with dropping ice cubes into the glass on cue (3, 2, 1, go!). It took a few tries, and some aim correction, but usually by the third or fourth drop, we had it down!

Our takeaway: splash photos are a blast—but also, very messy!

Check out the full Taste feature starting on page 146!


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