#BeWell Lynchburg


From mountaintop yoga to back porch gardening, here’s a look at how some of you are incorporating fitness and nutrition into your lives. Share your wellness moments with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #BeWellLynchburg!

Hannah went running after a long week and wrote: “I’m gonna be a bit biased here and say Lynchburg has the best trails to run on! They are so beautiful!” We agree with you, Hannah!

In May, Adam Hopkins enjoyed a “beautiful day for a hike up with friends to Sharp Top Mountain.” The view from the Bedford County apex made him say… #itsagoodlife.

Some serious girl power shown by Align Athletics in this photo with the caption: “What are you missing out on for fear of looking dumb or trying new things that look intimidating?”

Emily Paulsen and her husband are “testing out” their green thumbs with these back porch “cuties.” Her goal: #pleasedontdie. Best of luck to you, Emily!

Yoga teacher Shelby struck this pose on top of Cole Mountain in the George Washington National Forest. (Read more about that hike on page 15.) Follow her on Instagram at shelby.nc and see other cool moves in picturesque places.


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