The Buzz July/August 2017


Behind the Scenes
Photographer RJ Goodwin visited sculptor Ken Faraoni’s studio inside Hill City Hardwoods/The Craft Crucible off Thurman Avenue. Full disclosure, according to Ken—he does not usually work wearing a suit jacket!
Read about our Artist Profile’s career on page 24!

“I truly believe that the display of art in the community brings us together. The artist whose work is on display is giving something to the viewer and that person takes that something, whatever it may be—a feeling, a memory, an idea—and shares it with someone else. This begins a domino effect of communication, all starting with a piece of artwork.” – Kimberly Gibson-McDonald, E.C. Glass High School teacher.
Read more about outdoor art in Lynchburg on page 29!

Referencing the Bluffwalk steps,
@ariellanae wrote “Beautiful spot downtown. Had to capture all these wonderful textures and strong lines!”

@manndalynn posted a gorgeous summer sunset that’s reflected by standing water in the parking lot below.

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