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Body fresh fruit

Beautifully Blended

Vibrant, nutrient-rich smoothies to jumpstart your day. Recipes & Photos Courtesy Millie’s Living Cafe There’s…

Body health care healing

The Art of Healing

One doctor explores the connection between art and wellness There is a saying that medicine…

Body iv fluids

Hello Hydration

Local doctor explains how IV therapies work “Don’t forget to hydrate!” It feels like this…

Body cupping massage

A Cure in a Cup

Massage therapy uses suction to promote healing “The best thing with which you can treat…

Body 2022 faces of healthcare in lynchburg

2022 Faces of Healthcare

Highlighting the hardworking individuals who are providing a range of healthcare services in the greater…

Body cauliflower-spoon-bread

Cauliflower Power

Why you should stock up on this versatile veggie of the moment Lowly cauliflower is…

Body home gym how to

Home Gym How To

There are a host of reasons why people feel like they can’t prioritize working out,…

Body women running outside mountain view

Your Best Foot Forward

A local expert helps navigate the often-complicated world of athletic shoes If you’re like me,…

Body women exercising

One Beat at a Time

POUND fitness classes provide a heart-pumping workout (while marching to the beat of your own…

Body meal prep

Dare to Prepare

Five Tips from 2 Birds Meal Prep For 2 Birds Meal Prep owner Ivy Olivier,…

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