Cheers to Celery Juice

The newest health food trend encourages us to swap our morning cup of joe for a chilled serving of freshly squeezed celery juice.* The concept

The newest health food trend encourages us to swap our morning cup of joe for a chilled serving of freshly squeezed celery juice.* The concept of vegetable juice may be hard to swallow, but the colorful elixir has been widely celebrated for its healing powers and laundry list of positive health benefits. We spoke with holistic healing expert Jenna Goin, RN, to get the lowdown on celery juice and to determine whether the green concoction is truly fact or fad.

Goin, of Forest’s Empowered Wellness, has expressed a lifelong interest in health and fitness, particularly with regard to holistic and integrative wellness. She shares with clients natural remedies for physical, mental and emotional ailments alike. When she discovered celery juice, she quickly realized it was a one-fits-all solution to some of the most common health issues her clients face. “I first read about celery juice about a year ago through a book I read on healing the thyroid by a man named Anthony Williams,” explains Goin. “He talked about celery juice as the ‘miracle juice’ so to speak and began to explain the numerous benefits of this healing liquid and why everyone should incorporate this juice into their daily diet.”

Albeit skeptic, Goin coupled Williams’ notes with her own research and at home taste tests and was pleasantly surprised by the vegetable tonic. “To be honest, just a few days of drinking celery juice in the morning, I was hooked,” Goin admits. She also explains that drinking celery juice shortly after rising from bed is the optimal time for the body to reap its benefits. Goin recommends consuming 16 ounces of celery juice before breakfast and waiting at least 15 to 30 minutes between the green pick-me-up and your first bite. For those who experience adverse reactions, Goin suggests starting with smaller portions and gradually working up to the full 16-ounce serving.

But, what is in each 16-ounce pour exactly? Goin shares a menu of superpowers celery juice possesses, many of which she has experienced firsthand. Benefits of drinking celery juice include decreased inflammation, potent antiviral and antibacterial benefits, eased digestion, decreased bloating, constipation relief, healed skin conditions (such as acne, eczema and psoriasis), gastric reflux relief and dissolved gallstones. Celery juice is also known to aid central nervous system disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, brain fog and Alzheimer’s. At the most basic level, celery juice helps to balance the body’s pH levels as well.

“Celery juice has been life changing for me,” says Goin. “It truly has been what it has claimed to be—a healing tonic and miracle juice.”

*Always consult with your doctor before trying any new diet.


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