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Earth Right Mid-Atlantic emphasizes honesty and transparency in reaching Virginia residents

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic emphasizes honesty and transparency in reaching Virginia residents

Through educating Virginia residents on the importance of energy efficiency and providing them with the resources necessary to make it a reality, Earth Right Mid-Atlantic aims to serve the community with honesty and integrity.

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic, based in Lynchburg, provides a variety of different energy options for homeowners as well as small businesses. Founded in 2019 by current CEO and owner Corey Argentino, the business provides citizens across the state of Virginia with affordable energy options.

According to the company’s website, its mission is “that through honest and transparent conversations, we make energy efficiency improvements and solar solutions simple and affordable so that you and others can reap the benefits of smarter, cleaner energy.”

Photos Courtesy of Earth Right Mid-Atlantic

One of the ways in which the company aims to complete this mission is through installing custom designed home solar panel systems.

“The advantage with solar is it gives [customers] the opportunity to control their costs,” Argentino said. “Solar gives them an opportunity to produce their own power and also take advantage of the federal tax credits that are out there for the consumers.”

Despite the work that the company does with solar power, Argentino stressed that solar energy is only one of the services that the business provides to customers. Before the company looks at installing solar panels, workers first assess the home with thermal imaging to find any energy inefficiencies. Argentino noted that doing so helps determine how many solar panels will be needed while also finding ways to provide further long-term comfort to the residents.

Photos Courtesy of Earth Right Mid-Atlantic

“A lot of people, when they want to install solar on their house, just look at, ‘Hey, this is how many solar panels I need.’ But the goal is really to make the house energy-efficient first,” Argentino said. “By making the house energy efficient, you will need fewer solar panels and solve all of the internal energy issues. So, it’s really important to focus on the efficiency of the home when considering solar.”

For customers not eligible for solar options, the company provides other options for energy efficiency to ensure that they too are not wasting energy and operating efficiently in their homes.

With a wide range of both domestic and international energy companies available to homeowners, Earth Right Mid-Atlantic sets itself apart from the competition by properly informing customers of exactly what they are paying for and helping them select the best options.

“So many people are not educated when it comes to the solar industry and they’re being tricked and talked into something they may not be fully educated about,” Argentino said. “We take a different approach. We educate all of our consumers first. Education is key. We’ve got to make sure they understand what they are doing and that’s really important to understand what they’re getting themselves into, if it makes sense for them, or doesn’t make sense for them.”

“We take a different approach here than just ‘slam it down your throat, here you go.’ We give you all the options and all the resources upfront to make an educated decision,” Argentino explains.

“The whole point is for someone to have someone to talk to after the fact, to work with them and answer their questions,” Argentino added, noting that many of the company’s competitors have recently gone out of business due to a lack of communication with customers. “We put more of our effort in post-sale rather than we do presale because we believe that that’s the most important part. Our reviews tell the story.”

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic is currently headquartered on a 4.5-acre property on Timberlake Rd. and is finishing up construction on an educational, interactive solar energy showroom. Housed in a 19,000-square-foot building formerly used by Point Source Audio, this addition allows potential customers to see firsthand how the company operates as well as witness the power of improved energy options. Instead of simply being an impersonal company that consumers cannot interact with, Earth Right Mid-Atlantic makes it easy to visit them in person and contact them with any questions. 

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic CEO and owner Corey Argentino with wife Lisa. Photo by Ashlee Glen.

In addition to the sales side of the operation, Argentino also emphasizes giving back to the community and partnering with local humanitarian organizations. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Young Life, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Forest Youth Athletic Association, and others, Earth Right Mid-Atlantic provides a helping hand to those in need. 

This can especially be seen through the business’s recent donation of a solar energy system to the Forest Youth Athletic Association.

“We have a lot of employees here in Lynchburg and we’ve created our own little community. We do a lot of stuff within the community,” Argentino continued. “We donate to a lot of charities within the town. We really believe in putting a lot of our resources back into our own community. We do a lot of that here. We sponsor a lot of events. We provide a good living for people that live here.”

As the company continues to grow and thrive, it receives greater recognition on both the local and national levels. In February, announced that Earth Right Mid-Atlantic is one of the fastest growing businesses in the country. This accomplishment demonstrates the effort that the business has put into being successful.

By relying on homeowner education, the business continues to receive support in the Lynchburg community and beyond.   

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