Editor’s Letter Jan/Feb 2017


I can’t recall ever making a New Year’s resolution. It’s not that I’m perfect; there are plenty of ways I could improve myself. (Just ask my husband.) But the whole idea of waiting until a certain day to make a change? I’ve never been a fan of that.

However, there is something about the start of a new year, when I go to write a new date on my checks, that makes me change my overall outlook. (And, let’s be honest—I’m probably going to write 2016 until at least March.)

Anything is possible. I think to myself, “Maybe this could really be my best year ever.”

This issue is all about being the best, starting with the much-anticipated results of our Best Of Lynchburg contest. I’m still floored over how many votes were counted on our website—165,452! Starting on page 93, flip through to see who took the gold in dozens of categories—restaurants, shops, area leaders…you name it.

If your goal is to downsize in 2017 (especially after the typically-greedy holiday season), you will be very impressed with the Fosters in our Home department who decided 310 square feet is all they needed. It blows my mind! We will walk you through their tiny house adventure starting on page 29.

Another popular resolution: a pledge to finish what you start. I’m guilty of trying out a Pinterest project and quitting halfway through (usually after a few expletives, too). In our Art department, we introduce you to Rivermont Makery—a place where DIY is not so intimidating! And you can get started immediately with a special craft for your front door on page 26.

Make your marriage the best it can be this year by setting aside some time for a special trip, just for the two of you. If you’ve always wanted to visit Homestead Resort in Hot Springs but weren’t sure, writer Jeremy Angione spent a couple of days there checking it out. Read about his experience on page 154.

And maybe this is the year you finally branch out in the kitchen and deviate from the same ol’ spaghetti or chicken casserole. Intimated by oysters? Think they’re too fancy for you? Don’t worry; you have plenty of company. Our new Taste editor Rachel Dalton caught up with several local chefs to give you some confidence. Check it out on page 159!

Whether you have a list of resolutions or zero, here’s to starting out 2017 with a positive outlook. I truly hope it’s your best year ever!

Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor


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