Editor’s Letter July/Aug 2016

When I showed my stepdaughters (ages 8 and 10) my first Letter from the Editor in the June/July issue of Lynchburg Business, they had a

When I showed my stepdaughters (ages 8 and 10) my first Letter from the Editor in the June/July issue of Lynchburg Business, they had a couple of questions. First, ‘What is a Letter from the Editor?’ 
(And while I envisioned this explanation being very simple, it actually took 
me a few tries to get it right.)

Second, they wanted to know as they skimmed the page, ‘Did you talk 
about us?’ (You’ve gotta love kids. They keep it real.) I was so relieved I could show them the “mention” I included about them playing in their room on a Sunday morning.

Along with those two beautiful girls in my life, we are all anxiously awaiting a new little lady to join us sometime in August. (The girls’ questions about this topic are, as you can imagine, endless. And much, much harder to answer!)

Families. Traditional, blended, sane or just plain wacky—they come in all shapes and sizes. Like you, I wouldn’t trade mine for anything in the world. That’s why I absolutely love our focus on families and community in 
”The Summer Issue” of Lynchburg Living—because I believe the bond we 
have with our loved ones is truly the backbone of this region.

As you flip through, I hope you’ll be inspired by the Foster family in our Home department. Not only do Rodney and Heidi have so much to teach all of us about home building and home décor but they also embody their last name by opening their home to others in a selfless way. Read their story starting on page 50.

Maybe your family includes your four-legged friend, like mine does. 
(Be prepared for stories about my lazy pit bull Sadie who is scared of her 
own shadow, plastic bags and any object with a cord.) On page 22, see how 
Joyce Ann Houck, our Artist Profile, is winning national awards with her pet-inspired creations—all made with needle and thread.

And with the long days and sunshine at their peak, we have plenty of ideas for you to take advantage of the final few weeks of summer. Check out an idea for a family day trip adventure on page 135, where you’ll learn there is so much more to the town of Luray than just a cave. In our Taste feature, take a break from the backyard grill, and check out some of the best patio dining spots in Lynchburg. And be sure to “Mark Your Calendars” for a few family-friendly events in the area, a few pages over in our UpFront section.

But with all of the planned vacations, day trips, cookouts and festivals, don’t forget to embrace summertime for its simple, impromptu moments. For my family, that means a long and untimed walk with the family dog, a quick stop for ice cream in the middle of the afternoon or an endless Uno game after dinner.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, that’s when the best family memories 
are made.

Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor

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