Editor’s Letter July/August 2017


When you see it on paper, your brain makes the obvious connections. Summer=hot, sweat, beach, school’s out, vacation, etc.

But I did a little research (because I’m a vocabulary nerd) and learned about a hidden meaning. The word “summer” is from the Proto-Indo-European root “sam,” which means summer. “Sam” is a variant of the root “sem,” which means “together/one.”

So there it is. Hidden–but not shocking. Summer is the season of togetherness.

Maybe you find that togetherness over a big plate of juicy ribs, fresh off the grill. In our Taste department on page 107, we are sharing the stories of some of the best barbecue experts in the city. We also tracked down one of the most well-known pitmasters in the U.S., Lynchburg-native Tuffy Stone. You’ll learn a lot about your grill, marinades and much more in a Q&A with him on page 114.

Maybe you find that togetherness hitting the town to enjoy these warm summer evenings. Lynchburg is not New York City—but when it comes to our nightlife, there’s more going on than you might realize. On page 123, a rideshare driver handed over some of his “Notes from Behind the Wheel” to show how busy our city is… and where people are hanging out.

Maybe you find that togetherness through a shared appreciation for a work of art. On page 29, we are spotlighting several new outdoor art collaborations in different parts of the city. The organizer of one project, teacher Kimberly Gibson-McDonald, even explains how the display of art “brings us together.” (And it just makes the city better looking too.)

Or, maybe you find that togetherness visiting Smith Mountain Lake with friends or family. If you’re like me, you cruise by those gorgeous waterfront homes and daydream about what it must be like inside. Starting on page 34, tour a custom home that is a part of this year’s
SML Charity Home Tour in October. The view—absolutely breathtaking.

And for anyone wanting to pack the most fun they can into a short visit to the lake, we have two step-by-step travel itineraries for you to follow on page 50.

I hope you are enjoying this issue of Lynchburg Living beside a pool, on a boat or anywhere that helps you relax. And if you aren’t, I hope you are at least living out the hidden meaning of summer by spending quality time with the ones you love.

Stay cool,

Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor


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