Editor’s Letter July/August 2019


My husband is really starting to wish we had never planned a Lynchburg Living Idea House.

He loves the house itself, of course—but me being at the house so often during the month of June was starting to put a strain on our marriage.

“I showed you the kitchen already, right? Look at it again… Are you looking? Isn’t that gorgeous? We should have tried to do that with the shelves. Should we try that backsplash?”

“John—they used this stuff in the house that looks like shiplap… but it’s not!!! It’s this other stuff that’s easier. Oh, I already told you? Well… could we do that maybe in the kids’ play area?”

“You know how we need to stain our deck? They used this really light gray stain. What do you think? Could we do something like that… and maybe before Brooks’ first birthday party? Possibly?”

Bless his heart.

I’ve explained in prior editor’s letters about how we built our own house in 2016-2017 (and we are still finishing it… which apparently is completely normal when you are on a budget and have two small children). But because of that experience, I was in absolute awe of the Idea House as it came together over the past month. Scott Elliott and his team at Custom Structures paid attention to every single detail in this home. From the appliances to the flooring to the décor, they went above and beyond to truly make this a house full of ideas for you.

This project has been a labor of love from everyone involved: Custom Structures, our Preferred Partners, other various subcontractors who worked on very tight deadlines, Woody Watts with Watts Creative Studios who helped photograph and promote the house, and the entire Lynchburg Living team. Summer, for many, is a time to let work take a backseat for a bit so you can take a few extra days off. But those who were a part of our Idea House worked overtime in May and June—and it shows.

You can find the full Idea House feature starting on page 60. And if you want to see it for yourself—or even get your hands on a piece of furniture or décor—save the date for one of three open house weekends in July. Find event details on page 75 or at lynchburgideahouse.com.

I hope to see you there! (And if you notice a guy walking around taking notes and looking overwhelmed, that’s my John. He’s about to start about 10 new projects around our house!)

All My Best,

Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor


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