Editor’s Letter March/April 2018

A real-life text message conversation with my husband: Me: “I think I found a rug I like for the living room.” Him: “Great.” Me: “I

A real-life text message conversation with my husband:

Me: “I think I found a rug I like for the living room.”
Him: “Great.”
Me: “I went ahead and ordered it.”
Him: “Sounds good.”
Me: “If I don’t like it…are you going to be mad if we have to roll it up and take it back?”
Him. “No.”

That’s true love folks. Because here’s the background story—this wasn’t the first try for an 8×10 living room rug. This rug…would be rug number three since we moved into our new home six months ago. The other two just weren’t “right.” (Poor guy. He thought the first one looked fine.)

Call me indecisive, but I would rather have a bare floor than a rug I’m just “okay” with. I believe each item we purchase, each flower we plant, and each update we make should improve the feel of our homes—not make us feel uneasy.

If you are just as deliberate about décor and projects around your house, our special Expanded Home and Garden section is for you. I absolutely love Christina Gerstner’s vintage style in our Home feature—it’s one of a kind. She explains how you can pull it off as well as how to collect with meaning… and without adding clutter. We also talked to local experts about two easy ways to freshen up your home’s look: wallpaper (it’s not your grandma’s wallpaper) and the front door. And in Gardening, learn about the history of garden design before stepping outside to apply Susan Timmon’s “DIY Garden Design in 8 Steps.”

And you won’t just learn a new thing or two in that section. Our Education Issue also features the bigger vision for University of Lynchburg, a growing school of arts downtown, and our 2018 Top Teachers list. Hear from this year’s winners about what inspires them to go above and beyond in the classroom each day.

And in case you’re wondering, third time’s a charm. That third rug was exactly what I had been looking for. Some advice from an amateur decorator: Whether it’s a few pieces of new décor in a room or a complete overhaul of your garden, those home improvement projects take time… and, often, a lot of trial and error.

Be sure to cut yourself (and your spouse) some slack this spring!


Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor

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