Editor’s Letter March/April 2019


In early 2016, my husband and I had a great idea. It was just GREAT, we thought.

Let’s build our own house. And, to really make things fun, let’s do it right after we have a baby.

Some of you are snickering right now—and it’s likely because you’ve gone through the building process, too. Whether you use a builder or decide to take on the whole thing alone (like we did), the word “stress” doesn’t quite describe the months and months of planning, decisions, and setbacks that are inevitable leading up to the day that you finally get to move in.

Was it worth it? Honestly, it took me a few months after we unpacked to be able to say this but, yes, it absolutely was. And why was it worth it? Because home—building a home and making it feel like home—is very, very important to us. And, I would venture to say, it’s very important to many of you as well.

While we’ve always had local home and garden content featured in every issue, we wanted to put the topics front and center in their very own publication—so, the first annual Lynchburg Living Home and Garden issue is here. From our inspiring Artist Profile (an 87-year-old who makes custom furniture) to handmade, modern home décor (found inside a home of a local celebrity) to growing and cooking with homegrown herbs (including a unique recipe you will want to try), I couldn’t be happier with how this issue has turned out. As always, our pages are filled with local people, original photography and a unique perspective of the Lynchburg area that you’ll only see here.

If this issue inspires you to design, grow, cook or, heck, build (furniture, a house… anything), I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email and let me know the crazy project you’ve plunged yourself into: shelley@lynchburgmag.com.

And, if you are in over your head, we can trade stories.

All my best,

Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor


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