Editor’s Letter May/June 2019


There I was sitting in the dim ambiance, overlooking a crisp white tablecloth and an equally crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The sights and the sounds, I was taking it all in… from the waiters buzzing around wearing black and white to the hum of laughter and chatter that was so loud it was almost soothing.

We don’t go out to eat without our kids very often so this special evening at William & Henry Steakhouse to celebrate my mom’s birthday was a big treat.

When my dinner arrived, my senses officially went into overdrive: crab–stuffed salmon carefully arranged on top of colorful, steamed veggies, garnished with sprigs of green onion, red peppers, a lemon wedge… and something else fancy I couldn’t even identify. I hadn’t even taken a bite… and I was already drooling. After quickly snapping a photo for Instagram, I quickly convinced myself this masterpiece was worth ruining. I grabbed my fork (politely, of course) and dove in.

Whether you’re indulging at one of the nicest restaurants in town or grabbing a quick bite at your favorite Mexican spot, the way your food is presented adds to the overall experience of “going out to eat.” Do you ever wish you could make your home dinner party look just as good? In this Food Issue, we are focusing on plate presentation to give you some ideas. Mena Hughes, director of the Culinary Arts program at Central Virginia Community College, share some tips and tricks with us on pages 78-83, as well as a few tasty recipes. Also in our This City department, learn more about how Hughes is recharging CVCC’s Culinary Arts program by helping her students find jobs.

Also inside, our very popular Lynchburg Restaurant Week is June 22-29 and we have this year’s menus from 21 local restaurants. Local baristas explain how they make the foam on the top of your latte look like a miniature painting. We’re also sharing the story behind Live Pure Smoothie Cubes, a nationally-known company with Hill City roots. Plus, read about The Tides Inn in Irvington—if you’re a foodie, you’ll want to check this “bourbon and bivalves” destination off your bucket list.

My goal is that you leave this issue feeling very hungry (or thirsty!). Which reminds me…
I need to finish making that box of mac and cheese for my kids.
I guess I will have to work on my food presentation skills another night!


Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor


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