Editor’s Letter Sept/Oct 2021


New Perspectives

You know the phrase, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? Well it certainly doesn’t apply to our cover story about Lisa Richards and Michele Fredericks.

When I started chatting with Lisa in the summer of 2020 about possibly featuring her home in our magazine this year, my ears perked up when she told me I might want to look at her daughter’s house too. Words like “modern” and “cool architecture” didn’t sound anything like Lisa’s traditional Colonial with abundant antiques.

A few weeks later when I saw both homes in person, I had to chuckle. A mom and daughter with a fantastic bond, but their home styles didn’t seem connected in any way—at least that was my first impression.

Once we dug a little deeper, however, we realized each woman has been inspired by the other’s aesthetic and even applies some of these concepts and ideas to their own home.
That’s what’s so great about our Home feature, it pulls double duty—highlighting two completely different (but equally stunning) home styles while also showing how you can incorporate one look into another. Flip to page 49 to learn more about Lisa and Michele, “The Modern Traditionalists.”

Call me too philosophical, but this mother/daughter team also inspired me in another way. I think there is a notion, especially in today’s world, that we have to pick sides on everything. All or nothing. Black or white. No gray area.

Do you ever feel like you are boxing yourself in too often? Fall into a new routine this September and October that includes considering ideas and concepts that “aren’t really your style” while also staying true to who you are.

It’s a delicate balancing act, I can personally attest, but it’s certainly worth sorting out as we all try to keep moving forward in this crazy season of our lives.

All my best,
Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor


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