Editor’s Letter September/October 2018


There have been years of my life where I barely made an appearance at the doctor’s office, in exception to my annual physical. Then there are years, such as this year, where I feel like I might as well have an assigned parking space outside. (Or maybe some sort of punch card where I get a free coffee after a certain number of visits?)

Thankfully, nothing serious was wrong with me—just nausea, heartburn and lower back pain. You guessed it… I’m talking about those numerous visits to the doctor for prenatal care. In 2018, the staff at Women’s Health Services of Central Virginia saw me more often than my good girlfriends. Then in early July, I was in the care of doctors and nurses at Virginia Baptist Hospital as my husband and I welcomed our son, Brooks, into the world (about 2.5 weeks early).

Coinciding with a time in my life where I’m more in tune with my personal health than ever before, I’m very excited about our first ever Lynchburg Living “Health” issue. You’ll find content throughout the magazine that connects to this theme. Including, ART—an impactful program for Alzheimer’s patients/caregivers at the Maier Museum of Art at Randolph College, BODY—the vegetable garden at the Alan B. Pearson Cancer Center heals with its fresh produce as well as its atmosphere, and TASTE—two flavorful and healthy salad recipes using ingredients from local farmers markets.

This issue also features our 2nd Annual Top Docs list. This is a peer-to-peer survey—meaning, doctors themselves chose who they would recommend in dozens of specialties. Find that list, along with an editorial focus on Brain Health, starting on page 62.

I’d like to publically thank a few of the doctors who were a part of my life this year: Kristi Kidd, MD—my OB/GYN; Michael Robertson, MD—who delivered Brooks at the hospital; and Justin Mutch, MD—his pediatrician. We also were taken care of by so many incredible nurses at Virginia Baptist, including Anne Moore, the most genuine cheerleader during our labor and delivery.

And finally, a thank you to a couple of people who stepped in to pick up the slack while I was out on maternity leave: Art Director Chris Meligonis, who wore many hats to keep things running smoothly, and freelance writer Shannon Brennan, who stepped in to write and edit in my absence.

It really does take a village—to raise a child… and a magazine.

Shelley Basinger, Managing Editor


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