Fitness at Your Fingertips

Too busy to hit the gym? Want to make changes in your diet but aren’t sure where to start? Searching for new ways to relax?

Too busy to hit the gym? Want to make changes in your diet but aren’t sure where to start? Searching for new ways to relax? Look no further than your fingertips.

Below, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite smartphone apps that can help you reach your health and wellness goals. All are available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Limited version is free. Monthly subscriptions start at $7.99/month.

Meditation is more popular than ever, and no app makes it easier to practice mindfulness than Headspace. This app lets you pick a guided meditation based on your needs—focus, self-esteem and anxiety are just a few of the categories to choose from. For more personalized daily meditations, Headspace offers an upgraded membership.


Monthly subscriptions start at $3.33/month

Celebrity sponsors and fitness junkies alike agree that Lifesum is one of the best apps to track what you eat. The app allows you to pick one of three goals: weight loss, weight maintenance, or muscle gain. From there, Lifesum creates a personalized daily calorie, carb, fat and protein goal. Lifesum also has a barcode scanning feature that makes logging your meals easier than ever.


Free for limited workouts. $60/year for the “pro” plan.

8Fit is the one stop shop of health and fitness apps. In the app, you’ll find guided high intensity interval workouts, customized meal plans and a community of users encouraging each other and sharing their progress. Whether your goal is to drop some pounds or to gain some muscle, 8Fit has the tools you need.

Sleep Cycle

Free. Premium subscription is $30/year.

Sleep Cycle determines what stage of sleep you are in by tracking your movement as you snooze. Using this technology, the app wakes you up in your lightest stage of sleep within 30 minutes of your designated alarm time. Sleep Cycle users boast increased sleep quality and feeling rested throughout the day.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout


The 7 Minute Workout is perfect for those just dipping their toes into the fitness world. This app offers workouts you can do from the comfort of your own room—no equipment needed! The short, personalized workouts are great for a fitness newbie.


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