Take 30
Looking for a quick workout to fit into your very busy schedule? Align Athletics has you covered. The fitness center, located in New London, offers two versions of its core group classes: Align 60 and Align 30. While Align 60 is more intense and requires previous experience, Align 30 is a great option for those who want an intense, effective workout… and also want to get out the door quickly. Find more details at or on Facebook.

A Legendary Workout
The YMCA of Central Virginia is offering a new class specifically for people over the age of 50: CrossFit Legends. Don’t let the word “CrossFit” scare you away—this course puts movement and mobility first, CrossFit second. Participants learn how to minimize the side effects of aging, restore their general physical capacity, re-learn movements, and ultimately regain control of their bodies. Learn more at under the Programs tab.

Peakland Pilates Transformation
There are new leaders at Peakland Pilates—and Celeste Sedlar and Jenna Chalk are starting off their journey with a bang! The duo has unveiled new classes and has restructured the studio to maximize space for barre, dance and TRX classes. Check out their class schedule at or visit their Facebook page.

Kratos Said Knock You Out
The Forest-based Kratos Fitness has rolled out a high-intensity, boxing-inspired workout program called KnockOut. Try their Krank KO class and you’ll burn calories and shed fat by utilizing heavy bags, cycling and more. Another option is KnockOut Boxing and Conditioning. The atmosphere alone will get you energized—KnockOut workouts are accompanied by blood pumping music and lighting. Learn more at


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