Gardening Gadgets for Gifting

We all secretly want our present to be the receiver’s favorite—something they weren’t expecting and something that also gets used again and again and again.

We all secretly want our present to be the receiver’s favorite—something they weren’t expecting and something that also gets used again and again and again.

If you are shopping for a loved one with a green thumb this holiday season, I have you covered. Below are nine of my favorite lawn and garden items that I hope will bring someone you love joy all year long!

folding pruning saw

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw—This tool is always in my tool bag. It is big enough to get jobs done that loppers can’t. They are especially helpful when pruning roses and other ornamental shrubs that need shaping.
Find at Ace Overstreet Hardware, locations in Lynchburg and Forest:

Womanswork All Leather Gauntlet Gloves

Womanswork All Leather Gauntlet Gloves—Winter chores call for tough gloves. These are particularly designed to wear when cleaning up “thorny” things like roses. They protect you all the way up to your elbows.
Find at

LL Bean Everyday Lightweight Tote

LL Bean Everyday Lightweight Tote—This lightweight tote holds everything I need except loppers. You can pack your thermos, water bottle, gloves, tools, zip ties… everything. It opens wide so it’s easy to find what you are looking for—and it washes like a champ! This tote is also durable too. I’ve used it every day for a solid year with no rips or tears. There is even a monograming option for the ultimate personalized gift.
Find at LL Bean,

Joyce Chen 51-0621 Unlimited Scissor

Joyce Chen 51-0621 Unlimited Scissor—I keep this in my kitchen drawer. It’s perfect for cleaning up vegetables from the garden or for meal prep. They are also helpful for trimming flowers while arranging them at your sink. If you only have one scissor in your kitchen drawer, this should be it.
(Oh, and it will do a number on chicken and fish as well!) Find on Amazon.

Gardener’s Workshop Trapezoidal Hoe

Gardener’s Workshop Trapezoidal Hoe—I’ve had this same hoe for about six years now. This tool lets you stand up to tackle a wide variety of weeding jobs. It can be used on the angle for tight work around plants and shrubs. Or, use the whole blade for larger weeds or wide-open spaces.
Find at

John Scheepers Amaryllis Bulbs

John Scheepers Amaryllis Bulbs—When the winter hangs on, we starve for the bright colors of our spring and summer gardens. Unusual amaryllis are sure to brighten up every corner of your home. No harder than paper whites to grow and much more stunning, there are lots of varieties to choose from. John Scheepers has a beautiful collection.
Find at

Wheeler Munroe Leather Company Tool Belt

Wheeler Munroe Leather Company Tool Belt—Made in North Carolina, these tool belts are a dream. Mine is always on my side so I can have my clippers, phone or paper with me. I have the Floral Belt model. I’ve had it at least five years and it still looks great. I’m waiting on something to break so I can get the model with more pockets. (Maybe they’ll see this magazine story and mail me one.
I have a Christmas wish list too!)
Find at

Gardener’s Workshop Soil Blocking Kit

Gardener’s Workshop Soil Blocking Kit—After you’ve gardened for a while, you get bored with having access to only a few plant options. You crave more variety! This gift opens up the world of seed starting in a way that has changed our world at Irvington Spring Farm. We used to spend so much more on plugs. (Plant plugs that were shipped in these tiny cell trays by the box full.) Not anymore thanks to this cool method we saw on Lisa Zeigler’s site. These soil blocks are the most successful and forgiving system possible. You can have all the flowers and/or vegetables you can dream of because you start them yourself and aren’t dependent on what our nurseries alone can provide.
Find at

Element Sprinkler Hose

Element Sprinkler Hose—This hose did a great job keeping my gardens watered. I put a three-way hose valve onto my spigot and hooked up three at a time to cover a wide bed. It’s lightweight and doesn’t tangle up as easily as some other hoses do. Find at Home Depot.


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