Package Presents with Perfection this Season

By Izzi Diaz Young

As the holiday season approaches, gifts are being shipped around the world and wrapping paper is being purchased. However, when it comes to packaging said gifts, there are many ways to both fail and succeed at the task. It’s a tale as old as time: the annual huff and puff of gift wrapping that comes around, when both creatives and non creatives alike make it a mission to wrap their gift to the best of their ability, or at least, better than their other family members. 

But, whether it’s your first gift or last gift on the wrapping list, frustration starts to surface when a bow won’t sit right atop the present, or sorrow begins to sink in when the scissors cut a piece of paper too short—these feelings of animosity are all too familiar within the gift-giving months. 

So, what could possibly make this experience easier? The answer is more often than not, incredibly ambiguous. Some may argue that a certain type of ribbon is the difference between a perfect or imperfect gift, some believe it’s all in the type of paper—but thankfully, this year,
we don’t have to wonder. 

We caught up with Alex Wood at The Farm Basket to eliminate these questions, and instead, give some crystal-clear insight into gift wrapping so that presents of all shapes and sizes will look flawless underneath the tree. Read on for her best advice when it comes to gift presentations this year and beyond.

Be prepared. When starting the wrapping process, there are many materials needed to have on standby to ensure the gift on the table turns out ideal. Wood advised to make certain that all supplies are at the ready to kick off the operation. 

“A variety of box sizes, colorful wrapping paper, bows, tissue, tape and scissors should be on hand, as well as a clear flat surface to work with,” she noted. 

She recommends thick wrapping paper, as it won’t show creases or tear as easily. “Measure your paper with the box you are using, and make sure your scissors are sharp,” she advised. 

Nix the paper. Let’s be real: measuring, cutting, and calculating may certainly not be a person’s strong suit, so ditch the paper and instead, go buy a bag! 

“Sometimes it can be difficult to use traditional wrapping paper because either the package is too large or the shape is too tricky,” Wood expressed. “Gift bags are a quick and easy way to get the job done, pretty tissue and a bow will finish the gift.”   

Stick to cellophane. Most times, when opting for an easier way to bundle a present, one might default to a gift bag. Although this method takes some of the pain out of packaging, the type of bag acquired is incredibly important in this process. Some are more likely to break or tear than others, which is why Wood suggested the solution: cellophane. 

“Cellophane bags are a great substitute for a traditional gift bag,” Wood noted, as these particular casings are large and work beautifully when wrapping more than one item within the bag. “Gather the items you wish to wrap together and either place the largest item on the bottom of the cello, or place everything in a pretty basket and then put the basket in the cello.” 

She also reminded cellophane users to give the bag a “facelift” by smoothing out any wrinkles. She said to do this by placing tape on the problem areas and lifting the tape upwards. 

“Then, use a pretty bow to gather the sides together, and cut the top above the bow.” For secretive gift giving, Wood also mentioned, “If you want the gift to be a surprise, you can line the cello with tissue!”

Let the experts step in. Sometimes, there comes a point where enough is enough, and one must accept that gift packaging is just not their calling. This is when it’s time to pass the reins off to the professionals—thankfully, some of those professionals live right here in the city of Lynchburg! 

Wood shared that The Farm Basket will be hosting their own bow-tying lesson during its annual wreath making celebration in December! Details will be announced on their website,, as well as over on their Instagram at @farmbasket. 

Gift wrapping is much easier said than done, so don’t let it get you down this holiday season. 

Whether these presents are underneath a tree or handed directly to someone special, stick to the above-mentioned simple tricks and tips to guarantee all of your presents will look immaculate,
no matter how big or small they may be.   

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