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Café Bliss lives up to its 
name with crafty coffee drinks 
and a delightful menu

If I were to have a holiday honoring one of history’s most influential fellas, it would be National Kaldi Day. Who is Kaldi, you ask?
According to folklore, he is an Ethiopian goat herder who, upon investigating why his four-legged friends were prancing about the fields, found they were high on caffeine from eating the cherries from a bush.

That bush? The coffee plant. Those cherries? The fruit in which coffee beans are ensconced in. Connect the dots, and we have a truly blissful concoction that helps us hang on, especially in the mornings.

Find your bliss at Café Bliss, a delightful coffee shop in downtown Lynchburg. There is brewed coffee and enough espresso drinks to make Kaldi and his herd of goats dance in delight. Caramel Latte? Yes, please.

There are also plenty of noshes to enjoy too, like a Milk Chocolate Truffle Pie we recently saw offered from the display case. Other sweets, as well as sandwiches, round out the offerings. Blissful, indeed.

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By Patrick Evans-Hylton


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