at Lynchburg’s Riverside Park

Take care of your body and your mind with a hike on the Alpine Trail, the first dedicated hiking trail in Lynchburg. The Alpine Trail was built during the 1920s and ’30s when visitors could cross the James River onto “YMCA” island, which is now known as Treasure Island.

This secluded path winds through the steep, wooded hillside of Riverside Park off Rivermont Avenue—offering spectacular views of the James River. Nature lovers will also adore the frequent sightings of woodland birds, including migrating hawks.

Restrictions: Since the slope of the hill drops almost vertically onto the railroad tracks hidden below, this trail is not recommended for small children or individuals with disabilities. Strollers and bicycles are prohibited.

Where to Enter: Look for a marked entrance sign just past the Riverside Park Overlook. An entrance to the other end of the trail is found near the Fink Deck Truss Bridge.

Nearby Attractions: Visitors to Riverside Park can also enjoy the Overlook (an area overlooking the James River with historic stone walls), tennis and basketball courts, playground equipment, sprayground (open seasonally), a transportation exhibit featuring a train locomotive and the Fink Deck Truss Bridge.

Length: 1 mile
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate


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