Holiday Party Tips

Celebrate with ease this season

Celebrate with ease this season

The winter holiday season is filled with get togethers, from office parties to family gatherings. If you ever find yourself wondering what to wear, when a host gift is needed, or how to throw a last-minute party together, these tips are an excellent place to start. For expert help putting together a wine and cheese pairing menu, flip to page 125.

1. What to Wear.
If you’re hosting a holiday party, let guests know what to wear! Include attire tips on your invitation. Even a simple guideline of “festive casual” or “semi-formal” will guide your guests in the right direction. If you’re attending an office party and guidelines weren’t included in the invitation, dress more formally than you would on a normal day in the office—a stylish jumpsuit, a festive sweater with dress pants, or a velvet dress with pumps are all great choices. If you’re attending an informal family gathering, opt to be cozy and comfortable!

2. Gift or No Gift?
When should you bring a host gift? As a general rule, host gifts should be given at a brunch, dinner, or cocktail party. If you’ve been invited to a large gathering, like a party or larger formal dinner, a host gift isn’t necessary.

3. Send Invites Early.
If you’re hosting a holiday party, it’s important to remember that calendars can fill up fast this time of year, especially those precious few Saturday nights in December. Send invites as early in November as possible if you’re hosting a December get together.

4. Always Overestimate.
The last thing you need to worry about in the midst of entertaining is running out of food or drinks, leaving your guests hungry and thirsty. Always overestimate when buying food or beverages. Sure, you may wind up with a heaping pile of leftovers, but you could always send a scrumptious plate of goodies home with your guests when the night is over.

5. Don’t Overdo It.
You may be tempted to make everything from scratch but know your limits if you’re hosting a gathering! Make a few signature meals that you’re comfortable making, and then make your life easier by buying the rest or sourcing food from a caterer. Same with drinks!
Have a signature cocktail or mocktail on the menu, and then snag wine from a local wine shop for the rest.

6. Have Fun!
The holiday season is what you make it, so relax and have fun! Enjoy spending time with your friends and family and remember to stay present.


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