Is Loft Living for You?


9 Ways To Tell If Loft Living Could Be For You

1. You want to be able to walk or bike everywhere. Loft living means living in a city with quick access to shops, dining and entertainment, so while you don’t need to get rid of your car, you also won’t need it just to go up a block or two.

2. You hate yardwork. No yard, no yard to work in!

3. You appreciate history and architecture. If you love the character of older homes and buildings and despise all things cookie-cutter, a loft could be for you.

4. You adore an open floor plan. A loft, by nature, has an open floor plan and high or vaulted ceilings.

5. You don’t need many bedrooms. Even though some lofts are larger than single-family homes, most only come with one or two bedrooms.

6. You enjoy the aesthetic of exposed brick and ductwork. Don’t think chintz or French country when it comes to lofts; think more along the lines of industrial, steampunk or rugged in terms of style.

7. You desire a sense of neighborhood and community. Loft living means sharing bike racks, grills and outdoor spaces, as well as living in the heart of the hustle and bustle—you can’t help but get plugged into the area when you live this way.

8. You’re on board with Marie Kondo and her method. You try to keep only possessions that are useful, beautiful or spark joy, and don’t need a storage unit for keeping the rest. Storage is usually at a minimum in these kinds of properties.

9. You always wanted to live in a city. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of living in a chic Parisian apartment, but you have ties to this area (or you don’t speak French). Satisfy your steampunk self or your inner sophisticate and get downtown.


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