Living Out Loud November/December 2022

Shout Outs & Top Teachers

Shout Outs
Our recent story on KAYA Health’s art service project—The Art of Healing, found in our Sept/Oct issue—is gathering supporters for KAYA Health’s cause! Read what Dr. Andrew Anderson, owner of KAYA Health, had to say: “Thank you to Lynchburg Living magazine for the kind article and for bringing awareness to our little project. I just got a call from a Girl Scout troop yesterday asking to donate to our walls and purpose. I love seeing the kindness of others and sharing in the blessing that it is!”

Top Teachers
Lynchburg Living is recognizing and honoring the amazing, inspiring educators in our area with the Lynchburg Living Top Teachers Awards. Submit your entries on for your favorite current and local teacher who, if chosen, will be honored in our upcoming March/April 2023 issue of Lynchburg Living magazine. Nominations are open until November 30th.

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Correspondents must identify themselves; names may be withheld on request. Lynchburg Living may edit or condense.


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