Moody & Maximalist

If you’re ready to achieve a moody and maximalist look for your home, look to these examples as inspiration.

Interiors With A Little Bit Extra

Jewel-toned rooms, curated collections, dark color palettes, and bold accents own these stunning interiors from local interior designers. If you’re ready to achieve a moody and maximalist look for your home, look to these examples as inspiration.

Bold Bathrooms
“I designed this bathroom for a historic home in Boonsboro. The client was looking for the wow factor when walking in the space. We utilized a mural for the walls with rich jewel tones. Instead of a typical sink vanity, we retrofitted a console table from Arhaus with a limestone bowl sink on top. The back legs of the console were taken off and we had the base wall mounted. The scale of the console table helps balance the statement mural. We chose a tall mirror to reflect the light from the crystal chandelier.” – Agatha Interiors,

Rental Property Reno (Featured Top Photo, Courtesy of Agatha Interiors)
“We utilized pops of jewel tones in rich velvets for the furniture pieces, which make a big impact against the white walls due the high contrast. In lieu of art, a large, gold mirror was used which helps to visually fill the expansive wall and creates a focal point in the space.” – Agatha Interiors,

Curated Corners
“The Dragonfly basement was done for clients who had a sad, depressing space that hadn’t been touched since the 1960’s. As avid readers, it needed ample book storage as well as a dedicated reading area. As graphic designers they wanted to be surrounded with images that were inspiring to them, so we added cork treatments to the walls to allow for a rotating display of items that bring them joy. A black and white photo mural of the family takes up the darkest corner in the space bringing some contrast and interest to an otherwise lost area. 

This space is ‘curated, moody Scandinavian.’ The clients love raw, natural wood, texture, simplicity but also cozy warmth and a collected feel.”  – Skylark Designs,

Moody Main Floors
“The moody main floor bathroom is actually in my own home. This bathroom serves as an ensuite for a guest room as well as the main bathroom for the main level of the house. The vanity and top were here when we moved in and were in good condition so the dark wall color (Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore) was chosen to help them blend into the space better. The collage of art is a conglomeration of lots of things: Old family photos, cheap Hobby Lobby finds, antique art, silhouettes, China plates, and even some needlework. It was all about finding things with the right ‘tone’. My motto: things don’t have to match, they just have to complement one another.”
– Skylark Designs,

Luscious Libraries
“The library bedroom was a pale lavender little girls’ room until recently. I wanted it to be a cozy, peaceful space you could curl up and read in all day and no one would find you—a secret library. I wanted this space to feel curated and not matchy-matchy, like pieces have been acquired over time so there is a natural variation in the pallet: the bed quilts are made out of recycled Saris from India, but the couch and light fixtures feel more modern. It’s a wonderful room that feels like a warm hug and invites you to sit, relax and discover something new.” – Skylark Designs,

Stylish Starters
“This was a design project for clients in Lexington. The space was small so using the darker colors on the walls as accents rather than the entire room was important, as well as keeping our ‘collections’ (wall murals, bookshelf design, etc.) a bit more reigned in for a more refined look. A little reading corner with deep green velvet chairs fills the far end where the windows are covered with warm gold velvet drapes. In the bedroom, they were afraid to commit to the darker wall colors and lose the beautiful light, so instead we brought in the deep greens with a wall treatment we created with sconces and warm green velvet drapery on all the windows. The gold sconces sparkle beautifully against the deep green (Tarrytown Green by Benjamin Moore) and the wood molding gives the space the architectural detail it was so desperately lacking.” – Skylark Designs,

A Groomed Suite
“Every bride wants to feel special on their day, but equally so does the groom and what’s better than giving him a brag-worthy space for him and his groomsmen? We made this space dark, moody and perfectly masculine! Since the room is small, we opted for a single black textured feature wall instead of going dark in the entire room to still maximize light. In the space, we brought in rich textures that provide a dark and masculine mood—from leather lamp shades with metal rivets to luxe velvet window treatments layered over warm textured shades and of course a classic Chesterfield style sofa. Just add in a craft beer or a glass of whiskey to cheers your favorite friend, and the room is complete! All of these elements marry each other to create the perfect moody space to gather with your boys.” – Curtains, Blinds & Bath,

Bridal Beauty
“Just because this room is bright doesn’t mean it’s not moody! This space is a whole mood in itself because of some big time texture! We created so much visual interest in this room by keeping things flowing in neutral colors, yummy textiles, and very intentional pops of soft color—think your favorite hotel, where you go in and expect a welcoming and trendy vibe! While the room feels full, your eyes don’t land necessarily on one specific spot because we intentionally left it soft and soothing to compliment any bride’s color story. We left plenty of walking room once the girls add in their garments, bags, and all the getting ready supplies. Plus, we had to have a floor mirror moment for the bride in her dress, or a champagne toast boomerang!”
– Curtains, Blinds & Bath,

Perfect Powder Rooms
“We were channeling an organic, timeless look in this small (we mean very small) bathroom. We kept the room moody by layering warm greens and grays that veer more on the brown undertone side and paired them with a mid-tone wood vanity to complement each other.

The curbless shower was soldier-stacked with a glossy subway tile to help bounce the light around, while the continuous warm floor brings in a slight maximalist vibe with the pattern. Matte black and a warm brass play into the moody aspect of the design, rather than pulling in cool tones of chrome or nickel. The granite selected for the countertop and shower shelf also tie in the gray greens of the room. Overall, the dimmable lights and warmth of the space give off a moody modern New England vibe.” – Curtains, Blinds & Bath,


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