Person of Interest: Eyvonne Harvey McCoy-Green

Occupation: Volunteer Coordinator at Sheffield Elementary School RESIDES: Lynchburg You’ve volunteered with Lynchburg City Schools (LCS) for more than 37 years! What kept you involved?

Occupation: Volunteer Coordinator at Sheffield Elementary School
RESIDES: Lynchburg

You’ve volunteered with Lynchburg City Schools (LCS) for more than 37 years! What kept you involved?
The Spirit of Volunteerism is an important part of who I am as a total person. I am so humbled to share my heart and hands, if I am needed on a committee within my community, to assist the amazing teachers that educate our children, to help someone in need or to work in my church.

What have you observed over those 37 years?
I have volunteered within LCS on every level. At one point I had a child in elementary, middle and high school all at the same time. I volunteered at each one of their schools. It was a challenge, but I thoroughly enjoyed being involved with the principals, teachers and staff. I have personally witnessed the dedication of our teachers, and their total commitment to ensure that our children are getting what they need to succeed. . . .Our amazing teachers continue to be the unsung heroes in so many success stories.

Why did you start volunteering?
I have volunteered in some capacity my entire life. Even as a child,
I volunteered on committees within my church and my hand was the first to go up if I was asked to volunteer for a project at school. Regardless of what career I had, I never stopped volunteering. When my children started school, it presented an opportunity for me to become a school volunteer.

What do you appreciate about Lynchburg?
I was born and lived my formative years in Concord, Va. After my college years, I married and relocated to Cleveland, Ohio.
I never could really call Cleveland home. I was not used to a city so large, and the complexities that I could never adjust to. I appreciate the intimacy and simplicity of a smaller community. Lynchburg has really grown since my family moved here in 1975. I feel that the changes being made are socially, economically and culturally consistent with a community that desires quality economic growth.

What type of work have you done?
I have been blessed to have several careers. I have been an educator, an administrative assistant, medical secretary and had my own state-licensed home day care business. I have a business, Eyvonne’s Divine Innovations. I am a wedding planner/director and events planner. I also have volunteered within the community other than the school system. I was Neighborhood Watch President for 13 years, and I served on the Youth and Prevention Board for many years.

What do you and your family enjoy doing together?
We love being surrounded by family and friends that love our community as much as we do. [We] thoroughly enjoy the scenic beauty that we freely share with our out-of-town relatives. My grandchildren especially enjoy Fun Quest and Amazement Square.

What are some of your favorite spring traditions?
My husband, Roy, takes such pride in getting our lawn ready for the first appearance of the daffodils. I enjoy decorating our home, adding touches of spring everywhere. We will have a feast for Easter Sunday and have our grandchildren for Spring Break from school.

For someone new to the area, what should they know about our community?
I feel confident in sharing that our community is progressive, has some of the best schools, colleges and opportunities for learning and advancement. Our community presents an opportunity to get involved in and attend cultural events and volunteering in many ways within our community.

What do you recommend visitors do here?
Take a walk downtown, get out and meet the people and get a feel of our Southern Hospitality that is so contagious.

What does “Lynchburg Living” mean to you?
Continuing to support my community through volunteering, being of assistance in any way and embracing this wonderful concept of family and home that I see and feel every day from so many people. I am so happy to call Lynchburg “My Home.”


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