Person of Interest: Lauryn Lynch January/February 2019


AGE: 8
Lauryn Lynch, a Bedford County resident and Liberty Christian Academy student, was crowned Little Miss of America on Nov. 24. We asked her a few questions about her newfound fame!

Lauryn, congratulations! As Little Miss of America, what types of things do you get to do in the coming year? I will travel and make appearances on behalf of American Pageants. Little Miss of America also serves as an ambassador for Special Olympics, hosting an inclusion event. I also get to go watch Miss America in Atlantic City with my sister queens in September!

When did you first start competing in pageants? I entered my local fair pageant when I was 6 and won! I was the very first Tiny Miss Bedford County Fair.

What do you like about pageants? I enjoy being on stage and talking to the judges. American Pageants is different from other pageants. Most of your score is based on your grades, community service, and activities. I work hard to get good grades and stay involved, so my mom figured I should try it.

Who are your role models—and why? I look up to my sister queens.

They’re all older than me and are really great role models who’ve accomplished a lot. It’s fun to be the little sister.

How does it feel to have so much national attention? It’s fun. It was cool to see my picture on the pageant’s website and social media. I hope other little girls will know they can do it too!

What do you have planned next? My next goals are to totally rock 3rd grade and have a great year as Little Miss of America!


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