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Trending Wedding Themes with a Local Touch The moment you share the news of your engagement with family and friends, two questions will soon follow:

Trending Wedding Themes with a Local Touch

The moment you share the news of your engagement with family and friends, two questions will soon follow:
“Have you set a date?”

“What’s your wedding theme?”

The answer to the first question is pretty straight forward (once you and your sweetie decide what works best). Answering the second question requires a little more detail.

When it comes to choosing a wedding theme, your style can be as unique as you want. In fact, many brides will choose their favorite elements from a variety of wedding themes to create a blended style. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a classic wedding with luxurious florals and chandeliers, but you love the look of burlap and lace. Mixing trends is a great way to express your unique style.

Local touches are also becoming increasingly popular. Sourcing elements like flowers, décor, favors and cuisine from local vendors is a fantastic way to tie in your roots. Choosing to incorporate local touches into your wedding theme shows your love for small businesses, too. “We often help couples incorporate local food items in guest bags or as favors, such as Virginia peanuts, local honey, apple butter, chocolate and wine,” says Kerry Giles, General Manager at The Farm Basket.

Maybe you’ve dreamed about your wedding theme since you were 5 years old. Maybe you’ve done your research and know exactly what you want. Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration and building your wedding theme as you go along.

From traditional to trendy, here are four of our favorite wedding themes this year.

Rustic Chic
Maybe you’ve been to a rustic wedding. There were probably a lot of natural elements, like centerpieces incorporating wood slices and antique lanterns. But rustic chic is a little different—it blends warm, rustic accents with upscale touches.

Danielle Rottweiler at Bridal Guide explains the difference between rustic and rustic chic like this: “There’s rustic with mason jars and lace, and then there’s rustic chic with sparkle and wildflowers. With more couples wanting the barn-style wedding, the rustic chic theme is very appealing.” In her article “The Hottest Wedding Themes for 2015,” Rottweiler explained, “Many couples who want barn weddings still want there to be some formality; they are avoiding the mason jars and burlap runners and opting instead for gorgeous farm house tables, Chiavari chairs and bright pops of color. Many brides, in this case, will also rock out a pair of cowboy boots instead of heels with their dress.”

One of the most poignant rustic chic trends is to incorporate bedazzled lighting elements. Whether it’s hanging a crystal chandelier over the dance floor or adding glammed up candelabras to each table, the sparkling glow will create a fancy feel even in a country barn.

Another rustic chic essential is a rich color palette, bursting with bright floral accents. Unlike rustic, where colors are muted and typically incorporate pale hues of blush or cream, rustic chic colors are vibrant. Create eye-popping accents by draping bright table runners over wooden tables and adding rich colors to floral bouquets.

“The contrast of nice linens and classic touches in a rustic chic setting is very appealing,” says Giles. “I like that it can be as casual as smoking pork and filling mason jars with freshly-squeezed lemonade, and I love how you can dress it up in a relaxed, more elegant way, too.”

Classic Modern
A classic modern wedding is defined as traditional with rich details, plus a few current trends mixed in. This theme incorporates a well-defined color scheme with sleek and luxurious details, creating a cohesive look throughout. The classic modern theme is timeless, honoring tradition while seamlessly paying homage to modern trends.

“If you’re going with this theme, more is more when it comes to florals,” says Stefania Sainato of Bridal Guide. “For the color scheme, white with silver or gold accents is a regal look, or you can go with pale pinks for a more romantic effect.”

When it comes to invitations and wedding programs, traditional cursive or calligraphy against a white textured background will set the stage for your big day. Just make sure the wording and tone of your invitation matches the formality of your event.

Incorporating opulent accents in the décor, venue and attire is the key to creating a classic modern theme. White flowers make a pristine statement with bold, matching floor-length bridesmaids’ gowns and classic black tuxedos. Adding floral arrangements along the aisle will create a dramatic effect at the ceremony location. And—of course—sending off the bride and groom in a vintage car is the perfect way to wrap up a classic modern wedding.

Vintage DIY
Chalkboard signs. A birdcage bridal veil. Flea-market-find embellishments. Simple, understated floral arrangements in antique vases. These are all things you might find at a vintage “do-it-yourself” wedding.

The vintage DIY theme is incredibly popular. Handmade and “up-cycled” items create a nostalgic, romantic atmosphere that’s both warm and inviting. Pairing wildflowers with mercury glass vases creates a subtle, simple centerpiece with dramatic impact.
Add touches of your own personality by stacking antique vases, clocks or birdcages on top of your favorite vintage books. Opt for an antique vanity (complete with vintage mirror) to display your guestbook or favors. Pin an old-fashioned brooch into your hair or bridal bouquet.

“The bare bones of vintage revolve around antique details, lace and some weathered accents,” says Andrea Fowler of The Knot. “The key to pulling off beautiful vintage decor is to style these old-world elements in such a way that the venue looks aged in a charming fashion.”

Local photographer and videographer Jeremiah Guelzo of Stone Blue Productions says the beauty of a vintage DIY wedding is that it allows the unique style of the couple to shine. “My favorite wedding theme is one where I can see the couple in the design. The wedding day is about the couple uniting as one.”

You can find inspiration for your vintage DIY theme literally anywhere. Start with a trip to your favorite thrifting destination. Take a leisurely stroll through the housewares section with an open mind. You’ll probably find an assortment of dishes, picture frames, glassware and décor that can easily be combined to create your vintage style. Variety is the key when it comes to curating the perfect pieces to feature in your vintage DIY wedding.

Aaaah, coastal.

There’s something about the lure of the sea that makes this theme oh-so trendy.

Combining soft nautical comforts with bright splashes of color, a coastal-themed motif breathes pure relaxation.

Inspired by all things nautical, the coastal theme incorporates natural seascape elements like seashells, sand and starfish along with maritime accents like rope, anchors and lanterns.

When choosing your wardrobe and accessories, opt for flowy fabrics and refreshing hues. Hair and makeup should be soft and relaxed to evoke the sense of a calming seaside escape. Add texture to ceremony and reception décor by incorporating natural elements like driftwood and coral. Indulge guests by serving your favorite seafood as an appetizer, such as Mahi tacos or mini lobster rolls.

The coastal theme lends itself naturally to spring and summer weddings, so it’s important to consider your wedding season when creating this theme. “The setting, colors, food and florals that reflect the season and are fused with local and personal touches create the most memorable weddings,” says Giles.

Ultimately, your wedding theme should be about you and your sweetheart. It should reflect who you are and what you love. Look at the ways you dress, decorate, work and play. What are your favorite things? Find ways to work those in, and your wedding theme will be the perfect reflection of you both as a couple. The aesthetic you create for your big day is all about your individual style. Make it unique—make it you!—and it will be a day you and your guests will never forget.

By Claire Molineaux Foster

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