Say Pimento Cheese


An Appetizer Worth Sharing at Dish

When I first moved to Lynchburg after 10 years of wining and dining in Richmond, I worried I wouldn’t find the eclectic, quirky restaurants that seem to dot every street corner in my beloved capital city. Then I went to Dish. With varying daily specials, small plates that make sharing fun and a full bar, I knew I had found my spot.

Six years later, I am still bellying up to the bar at Dish at least once a month, and my order always begins with the pimento cheese.


I have heard of people fighting over secret pimento cheese recipes—this is one I would gladly step into the ring for. I can’t decide if it’s the salty, peppery, house made flat bread naan served alongside or just the heaping creamy sharp cheese mixture, but the whole thing is seriously delicious. Owner and Executive Chef Dave Ellis tells me the recipe is a blend he has worked with over the years, and I can confirm he has certainly perfected it.

When I asked Dave if he does anything else with his pimento cheese other than scoop it up with naan, he made my head spin by suggesting it could be baked with crab for a savory dip, used in a mac and cheese recipe or just piled high between two pieces of bread for a tangy, tasty sandwich. I plan to get a large order to go very soon and give one or two of these ideas a try at home.

Be sure to bring friends as the serving is generous; it also pairs well with their crisp rosé. And save some room because the pimento cheese is just the beginning of what is always a lovely meal at Dish.


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Rachel Dalton comes from a restaurant marketing and management background in Richmond but now is a wife, mother, writer, exercise enthusiast, very amateur chef, traveler, super planner, dog rescuer and lover of all things local to her new hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia.

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