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This interactive, aquatic attraction will open in Lynchburg in a few months. We have everything you need to know before you plan your first visit… broken down by the numbers.

10 U.S. locations:
Lynchburg’s SeaQuest is one of four new locations opening by late fall (others are in Connecticut, New Jersey and Florida). The current six locations are in Utah, Colorado, California, Texas, Nevada and Minnesota.

$14.95 adult passport, $9.95 for children ages 2-11:
This price gets you admission for the entire day so you can take your time exploring at your own pace.

Approximately 1,200 animals from 300 species:
From fish to birds and reptiles to mammals, SeaQuest houses both freshwater and saltwater species. Guests leave with more knowledge about their unique habitats, dietary needs and personalities.

22,000 square feet:
The Lynchburg location is located inside River Ridge.

5 continents:
Don’t be fooled by the name. Once inside SeaQuest, guests will meet animals from the Amazon rainforest, Egypt, Asia, the Caribbean and Iceland.

257 rescues:
These fish and marine-life animals were rescued across SeaQuest’s locations.

30-minute “Snorkeling with Stingray” sessions:
Put on a wetsuit and take a swim in Seaquest’s largest tank while meeting, touching and feeding some of its friendliest residents.

75 jobs created in Lynchburg:
SeaQuest started hiring for the Lynchburg location in March. The positions include 10 marine hausbandry team members; 10 to 12 bird, reptile and mammal team members; and positions in other areas such as management and marketing. The majority of those positions will be filled in late July/early August. Be on the lookout for a hiring fair in that time frame.

More than 100,000 foster children admitted for free across all sites in the U.S. annually:
SeaQuest Cares also partners with community-based organizations at all locations to support local needs.

More than 300,000 school-aged children participate in SeaQuest field trips every year:
The students have interactive encounters with sharks, stingrays, birds, reptiles, amphibians, tropical and cold water fish.

Save the Date
American Red Cross Blood Drive
Saturday, Aug. 24
River Ridge
SeaQuest will give out free passes to all donors!

Learn more at or find them on Facebook: SeaQuest Lynchburg.


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