Books by local (and local-ish) authors to enjoy this season

All the Little Hopes
By: Leah Weiss
All the Little Hopes is a Southern tale of friendship set in North Carolina during World War II. Thirteen-year-old Lucy Brown, eager for adventure, befriends Allie Bert Tucker, a mysterious newcomer. Inspired by her hero, Nancy Drew, Lucy teams up with Allie to solve local mysteries. Their sleepy town, now hosting a Nazi POW camp, is stirred by disappearances and silent townsfolk. As the girls delve deeper into their investigation, they confront the complexities of right and wrong in a world shadowed by war. This coming-of-age story is rich with Southern charm, highlighting the bond between the girls and the blurred lines of morality during tumultuous times.

Chasing Space: An Astronaut’s Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances
By: Leland Melvin
In Chasing Space, former NASA astronaut and NFL wide receiver Leland Melvin shares his inspiring journey from the football field to the cosmos, highlighting the crucial roles of community, perseverance, and grace in achieving success. Despite facing severe setbacks, including a career-threatening injury that left him temporarily deaf, Melvin’s determination and support from his NASA family enabled him to recover and eventually serve on two space missions aboard the shuttle Atlantis. His memoir not only chronicles his unique achievements but also celebrates the many individuals who helped him overcome adversity and achieve his extraordinary destiny.

Operation Dimwit: A Penelope Lemon Novel
By: Inman Majors
In Operation Dimwit, Penelope Lemon returns for more uproarious mom adventures. With her son away at camp, Penelope dives into phase two of her post-divorce life, starting with a date with the enigmatic Fitzwilliam Darcy. However, her plans for relaxation are disrupted by her boss Missy’s kooky sting operation to catch a suspected thief in their trailer park, a tough new gym trainer, and a skunk infestation requiring the help of a mystic wildlife expert. This hilarious southern comedy by Inman Majors offers a warmhearted look at the chaotic life of a single working mom navigating modern middle-class challenges.

The End House
By: Michael Robertson, Jr.
Declan Scheider, a struggling writer, wakes up alone in an abandoned farmhouse hidden in the mountains, grappling with fragmented memories that feel both familiar and foreign. As he navigates the eerie house, he experiences unsettling visions and sounds, feeling constantly watched. His discovery of an ancient, gruesome book blurs the line between reality and hallucination, consuming his mind with its horrific tales and leading him to question his identity and surroundings. Amidst the creeping dread and confusion, Declan struggles to hold onto his sanity and uncover the truth about himself and The End House.

Doomsday: A Remy Jones Adventure
By: Heather Elizabeth King
In a world where magicians are exiled and a wall separates Bal’Mor from traditionalist cities, peace under Triune’s watch is threatened by a vengeful magician. Investigator Remington Jones, living undercover in the Underground, must navigate a complex case involving magic, zombies, and Triune’s questionable involvement. Teaming up with Vincent Hall and his genetically enhanced team, Remy delves into a web of intrigue to uncover the truth behind the rising unrest and the dark secrets at the heart of Triune’s operations.  


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