Taste the South, Feel the Tradition

The phrase written in bright blue and yellow letters is the first thing guests see when they walk through the doors at County Sunrise.

County Sunrise’s Unique Southern-Jewish Fusion


Good morning, sunshine.” 

The phrase written in bright blue and yellow letters is the first thing guests see when they walk through the doors at County Sunrise. The second? Plates piled high with smoked pastrami, latkes topped with sour cream, and the occasional Portuguese linguica. Smiling servers stream in and out, topping off coffees and bringing tables “nosh baskets” full of biscuits and pastries.

It’s a special type of restaurant—a unique-to-Lynchburg blend of Jewish flavors mixed with Southern staples. Their menu is an odyssey of tastes. The Loaded Grits Bowl, delectably creamy with a fried egg on top, feels like you’ve stepped into grandma’s kitchen on a hot summer morning just as she’s putting breakfast on the table. Their Latkes with Sweet Potato Butter and Herbed Sour Cream—crispy on the outside with pillowy potato in the center—bring to mind a Hanukkah table with friends and family bellied up for a feast. While their Southern “Matzoh Ball” Soup, tantalizingly smoky and herby, lands you somewhere in between the two.

It’s no wonder that County Sunrise has instantly become a local favorite. Stepping into the bright dining room you instantly feel as if you’re stepping into someone’s home, rather than a plaza off Lakeside Drive. Owners Ken and Jessica Hess know a thing or two about hospitality and creating a space where everyone feels welcome. As the owners of nearby County Smoak on Timberlake Road, they’ve had hands-on experience operating and growing a community hub over the last four years.

Open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch from Wednesday through Sunday, County Sunrise is also becoming known for its specialty coffee. Unlike many diners where you can be guaranteed a cup of strong black coffee and nothing else, County Sunrise offers an immense drink menu. Spiced apple lattes and marshmallow lattes line their menu, each one as decadent as the next. For the kids, steamers are also available so everyone can get in on the fun. And if a boozy brunch is more to your liking, cocktails, mimosas, lemonades, and alcoholic coffees await your tastebuds.

With a menu as diverse and delicious as theirs, Lynchburg will be noshing well for a long time.  

County Sunrise
2225 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24501
(434) 201-8047 • countysunrise.com
Breakfast served weekdays until 10:30 am, Sat. & Sun. all day

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