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Open Porch steeped in hospitali-tea

Every restaurant has a focus. Not every restaurant’s focus is on tea.

But at Open Porch, which opened earlier this year in Wyndhurst, tea is exactly the focus, specifically microbrewed tea. At this location, the only one in Virginia—two are in Florida—craft tea is the name of the game, as well as southern hospitality. Also served up: a succinct menu of sliders, soup, sweets and breakfast all day.

Terry’s Tea, as it is called, was born from founder Terry Foley’s frustration in finding just the right southern-style tea. A self-professed tea snob, Foley spent six years blending and brewing before he came up with a bold but smooth drink. Folks can grab a glass in-store or take a bag home to brew.

Keep in mind that not all teas are crafted the same since there are three strengths: amber, which is mild; craft, which is bold and the signature quaff; and dark forged, which is heightened in flavor and caffeine.

The tea also comes unsweet, Florida Sweet (a milder sweetness) and Southern Sweet, a full-on sugary drink. A Terry Palmer mixes the tea with fresh-squeezed lemonade.

The name, Open Porch, exudes a homey atmosphere that is extended into welcoming greetings, rocking chairs, board games and an open, airy space. Foley’s son Spenser, who attended Liberty University, runs the local location.

Also on the menu are a number of organic coffees and coffee drinks using high Haitian mountain-grown beans.

Mini-sandwiches—sliders—served hot or cold on potato rolls, tomato basil soup and breakfast items are the savories. Donuts are the featured sweets, coming in cinnamon sugar, powdered, plain, apple cider and chocolate flavors.

Kind of makes you want to grab a seat in one of those rocking chairs and stay a while.

Open Porch is at 1305 Enterprise Dr., Lynchburg. Call 434-319-5985 or visit www.OpenPorchCafe.com

By Patrick Evans-Hylton


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