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For those on the go (and let’s face it, that’s everyone these days), it’s hard to find the time to sit down and absorb the latest self-help book. Podcasts are perfect for multi-taskers—you can drive, run, or even clean the house while you learn. Here are a few of our top picks.

10% Happier with Dan Harris
National TV news broadcaster Dan Harris promotes the benefits of meditation—something he turned to after having a panic attack live on air in 2004. Harris welcomes guests who talk about happiness, mindfulness, and how to maintain balance in your life.
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Rethinking Weight Loss
Whether you’re struggling with your weight from a recent gain or have been fighting the battle since childhood, this NPR podcast is for you. It explains the science of weight and how our bodies lose it. Step away from the fads and let this informative podcast put you on a road to body acceptance.
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Ali on the Run
Ali on the Run is a great tool for runners of all levels—from experts to beginners. Host Ali Feller talks to runners on all ends of the spectrum about what keeps them going day after day. You’ll also learn some applicable life lessons too.
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Get Fit Guy
Host Brock Armstrong is here to help men “rise above your former self.” His goal is to give his fellow men the fitness tools they need while also maintaining a healthy balance between athletic performance and an enjoyable life.
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