The Buzz July/August 2018


Behind the Scenes

After keeping in touch with the staff at the Virginian Hotel for over a year, we were thrilled to finally take a Lynchburg Living team on a tour of the finished project on May 22.
Writer Suzanne Ramsey, photographer Heather Kidd and managing editor Shelley Basinger were escorted through every main room of the hotel by general manager Dennis Marcinik and catering/sales manager Shelley Simpson.

Marcinik and Simpson took their time and made sure to stop and elaborate on different art displays, décor decisions and much more. There were also plenty of side conversations about the building’s history. A big thanks to the Virginian staff for their hospitality!

(Also, we are working on a plan to make sure copies of Lynchburg Living are always on hand for out-of-town visitors at this local destination!)

Read our full feature about the Virginian on page 45.


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