The Buzz September/October 2019



When considering cover options for this issue, the Lynchburg Living team had an idea to try out a drone shoot at Lynchburg General Hospital’s helipad, which is located right in front of the emergency department.

After getting the “okay” from Centra, photographer Woody Watts, editor Shelley Basinger and three of the magazine’s Healthcare Heroes met at the helipad to give it a try. Woody fired up his drone (one of two that he owns) and worked with Shelley on finding the perfect angle.

The hard part? Woody was hoping for a partly cloudy day (a photographer’s dream!) but unfortunately there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Woody instructed the Healthcare Heroes to close their eyes in between photographs to reduce squinting… and save their eyesight.

A huge thanks to Centra, Woody and those sun-blinded Healthcare Heroes for making this shoot a reality!

Read about all 10 of this year’s Healthcare Heroes on pages 71-77.


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