Tis the Season to Savor


Enjoy Fun and Festive Drinks at Bean Tree Café

Since their grand opening in the up-and-coming Cornerstone community in 2014, Bean Tree Café has catered to a steady stream of customers. A big proof of their success? In September, the coffee shop moved to a location just down the street that is three times larger.

Each season (winter, fall, spring, summer) features its own lineup of specialty drinks. I loved getting a chance to sip on the Peppermint Mocha (the espresso, chocolate and mint flavors had me wondering if I had all of my Christmas shopping finished!). And the Gingerbread Latte is another Bean Tree favorite during the holiday season, topped with lots of whipped cream and crushed cookies (right). Enjoy both drinks around a fire pit that’s outside the coffee shop; they are also prepared if you want to make s’mores!

Even better than a caffeinated drink that doubles as a dessert—Bean Tree serves locally-roasted coffee and espresso from Rosetta Coffee Company located on Kemper Street. Supporting local businesses should make you feel all warm inside too!

Bean Tree Café
105 Cornerstone Street
Suite 106, Lynchburg
(434) 534-3210

By Shelley Basinger
Photos by Jim Pile


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