When Mother Nature Nurtures


Photo by Megan Vaughan

In 2017, local photographer Megan Vaughan and her husband Mitch experienced a miscarriage that darkened their dream of a larger family. Megan, who had previously joked about her “black thumb,” decided to try caring for houseplants once again. A plant was a life she could control, she told herself. Gardening soon provided comfort.

As Megan’s hobby turned into a passion, a custom-built cedar greenhouse was next on her list. Then, on the day it was completed, and after months of waiting patiently for another child, Megan took a pregnancy test—it was positive. “All the planning, every setback with building… it all added up and was timed perfectly for us to find out on that day,” says Megan.

The Vaughans welcomed their baby girl, Marigold, into the world in December 2018.

Learn more about photo sessions at the greenhouse and the Vaughan’s story at vaughan-house.com.


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