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A cozy cafe inspired by a beloved children’s book

A cozy cafe inspired by a beloved children’s book

Deep within a whimsical bookstore, and among the pages of an old children’s book, lives a stuffed bear named Corduroy. The little Corduroy bear was the inspiration for Lynchburg’s latest cafe, of the same name, nestled in the back of Givens Books and Little Dickens.

Longtime patrons will remember the Drowsy Poet in that space. After the owners of the Drowsy Poet retired, Givens approached Jordan and Holly Nickerson—owners of Rookie’s and Bacon St. Bagels—to fill the space.

“The idea was initially for another Bacon St. Bagels. I didn’t think Bacon St. made sense for the space,” Creative Director Holly Nickerson said.

Photos by Ashlee Glen

Before Corduroy the bear, friend and manager at Bacon St. Bagels Court Smith served as the initial inspiration for Corduroy Coffee + Kitchen.

“I got involved with these guys at Bacon St. The coffee scene has always been something that I’ve really dreamed about. I got into coffee when I was in college,” Smith said.

Smith’s love for coffee and his aptitude for leadership helped to define what would eventually become Corduroy. Not only was Smith made general manager of the cafe, but he was also brought on as part owner.

“We really want to invest in our people. We want to leave them better than we found them. That was why, when this opportunity presented itself, my first thought was for Court,” Corduroy Regional Lead Jordan Hawkins said.

Photos by Ashlee Glen

Hawkins acts as the creative force behind the kitchen aspect of Corduroy. With an offering of familiar and unique dishes, Hawkins feels Corduroy’s menu sets them apart from most cafes in the area.

Although Rookie’s and Bacon St. have proven to be successful, Hawkins felt that their concepts called for a more limited menu.

“What was exciting about Corduroy was the opportunity to have a little more creative freedom to do what we wanted to do with the menu,” Hawkins said.

Photos by Ashlee Glen

Before the coffee and food were implemented, Holly designed the cafe with the existing space in mind.

“There’s this added element of everything that Givens and Little Dickens contributes to this space,” Holly said.

Corduroy recently added a unique snack menu for afternoons and evenings and hopes to add wine soon as well.

The design is purposeful and evocative. Deep greens and stark whites adorn the space, and the added lighting keeps the space vibrant without interrupting the cozy atmosphere of the book shop. The seating is soft corduroy, and even the wood paneling at the front counter evokes the gentle ridges of the fabric.

“There’s a lot of DIY stuff on this project,” Holly said.

“I’ve loved working on the space and making it look like a fresh cafe in Lynchburg.”

Having just opened in November of 2022, the Corduroy team is excited to expand and serve the community they already have established.  

At A Glance:

Corduroy Coffee + Kitchen
Located in Givens Books & Little Dickens
2236 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg VA 24501
(434) 385-5027 • corduroycoffeekitchen.com


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