8 Popular Local Workouts to Keep You in Shape

HIIT Classes at the YMCA of Central Virginia
In case you aren’t familiar with the acronym, HIIT stands for “high-intensity interval training.” These workout sessions include quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by active recovery periods. The result is more fat burned in less time. Options at the Y include Spartacus, Tabata and CrossFit.

Burn Boot Camp
Each “camp” involves a 45-minute workout comprised of 72 different styles and 15 different formats, such as HIIT training, suspension training and more. Sessions at the 17860 Forest Road location are led by an accredited certified personal trainer who creates new, innovative programs daily.

OOV Pilates Restore at Iron and Grace
The Oov is foam workout tool that complements the natural curve of the spine. By incorporating it with guided Pilates moves, you will elongate, strengthen and align your body like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Circuit Training at the Academy of Sports and Fitness
This untraditional gym setting features timed circuits that move you through a functional and dynamic workout. Circuit training sessions last 30 minutes and circuits change daily.

Hot Barre at Kratos Fitness
Their barre classes are a mix of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training choreographed to motivating music. Try it “hot” (in a heated studio) for a deeper stretch and increased heart rate.

Kickboxing at FEKS Martial Arts
This blend of intense exercises is designed for endurance, cardiovascular health, core development and more… all while learning self-defense skills that will make you feel more empowered. Beginners are welcome.

Boot Camp at Crosswhite Fitness
Check all excuses at the door. These classes are an hour of high intensity circuits that include a variety of lifting weights/objects, TRX straps, body weight routines and more. Each one-hour class is a full body workout.

Down Dog at the Water Dog
These fun, refreshing yoga sessions are hosted by Yoga Goodness Studio and are offered one Saturday each month at the Water Dog on Jefferson Street. One brew of your choice is included with your $12 admission.


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