Downtown Lynchburg Association highlights downtown restaurants & recipes

In November 2022, Downtown Lynchburg Association released a surprise for the Lynchburg community: A cookbook, meticulously created with love that features 35 of downtown Lynchburg’s beloved restaurants.

Titled Hill City Eats, the cookbook features recipes from participating downtown locations with the hopes of inspiring readers to whip up a few of their favorites, but to also give readers a moment of appreciation for the hard work and dedication that restaurants put behind those favorites.

“This book is a symbol of progress, born out of a deep appreciation and love for our city,” said Ashley Kershner, Executive Director of Downtown Lynchburg Association. “And most importantly, it is a celebration of the small businesses that are at its heart. Today, with over forty restaurants, many of which have opened in the last ten years, it is safe to say that we have become a culinary destination—a diverse restaurant scene that has breathed new life into this city.”

The cookbook highlights the places, food, and restaurateurs that make Lynchburg the culinary designation that it is—from new favorites like Bacon St. Bagels and Fratelli Kitchen & Wine Bar to local icons such as Dish and Hot & Cold Cafe.

Folks looking to purchase a copy of Hill City Eats—which at this time will only be available in limited quantities—can do so on the Downtown Lynchburg Association website or at select distribution locations, which are also listed online.  


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