Living Out Loud Jan/Feb 2022


Veterans Approve

Following our feature story “The Troops Rally” by Logan Smith (Nov./Dec. 2021), Editor Shelley Basinger received numerous emails from Lynchburg’s veterans community, thanking the magazine for highlighting this iconic downtown gathering. Here are a couple of those kind comments:

“I’m a military veteran and I have attended many of these gatherings,” wrote Joseph Arnold, TSgt (Ret.), USAF. “I enjoyed the write up and I thank you for doing that.”

“Thanks for writing the article about Monument Terrace and what it stands for both here in Lynchburg and across the USA. Excellent writing and coverage!” wrote Judy Bowman, USAF Veteran, Vietnam.


We made an error in our Best Of Lynchburg Hall of Fame list, featured in the July/Aug. 2021 issue of Lynchburg Living. Lynchburg Chiropractic was unintentionally omitted and should have been listed as a winner in the Best Chiropractor category. We apologize for this error and appreciate Lynchburg Chiropractic for bringing it to our attention.

For All Ages

Maybe this is proof we should add a baby and kids section to the magazine? Reader Aimee Cochran shared this photo with us on Facebook. She said her 14-month-old is obsessed with books and enjoyed looking through our “book” (the recent Nov./Dec. issue) too!

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