Tahini’s: Where Mediterranean Cuisine Meets Southern Hospitality


Since opening the summer of 2018, Tahini’s Mediterranean Grill has been busy from open to close. Located in the heart of Downtown Lynchburg at 912 Main Street, co-owner Nour Da’as Elkhamra proudly shares that if it were not for Lynchburg locals, they would not be here.

“Everyone has been so positive, encouraging, and extremely supportive,” Nour says.

Nour was born in Kuwait and lived half of her life in Jordan before moving to Canada. She hopped around to a few U.S. cities before landing in Lynchburg with her husband five years ago.

When Nour realized the recipes she cooked and craved were not represented anywhere in town, the idea of Tahini’s was born. Now, everyone can enjoy the flavors, spices, and textures that make up their unique menu.

Although none of the owners have restaurant experience, their diverse backgrounds bring a wide variety of flavors to the table from all over the Mediterranean… literally. Flavors from Greece, Spain, Egypt, and Palestine are all discernible and make their way onto your plate in a fast-casual environment.

While Nour says they have regulars who appear weekly and even daily, the staff is happy to help Mediterranean cuisine neophytes navigate their menu that features wraps, rice and salad bowls. She says the Beef Shawarma on the spit is always a huge hit; it’s only offered once a week, either Thursday or Friday. The Chicken Shawarma wrap is also very popular. They can satisfy vegetarian, vegan as well as gluten- and dairy-free diets.

Everything at Tahini’s is house-made, from the pickled turnips to the perfectly spiced hummus to the creamy baba ganoush. All sauces, dips, sides, and even their mayo is proudly made by hand.

Wash your tasty food down with a Stubborn Soda. Tahini’s is one of only two places in Virginia to sell the stuff (the other is in Richmond). Stubborn Soda has 90-100 calories, is made with all natural flavors, no dyes, no high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners.

Tahini’s has homemade (of course) baklava and also offers date bars and snickerdoodles from Harry’s Bakery just down the road. They also have recently implemented an online ordering system to make things more efficient and are now offer a catering menu for large events.

Even though this downtown eatery is only six months old, talks of an expansion are already in the works. So don’t miss out—head downtown to open your mind and your palate to a world of flavor at Tahini’s.

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