Redefine “Fast Food” with These Healthy, Local Options Between holidays, homework and hectic schedules, it can be hard to maintain a balanced diet—especially while on

Redefine “Fast Food” with These Healthy, Local Options

Between holidays, homework and hectic schedules, it can be hard to maintain a balanced diet—especially while on the go. The good news? There are healthy, delicious food options available all throughout our fair city—and you don’t have to make reservations at these fast casual spots. Skip the drive thru and trust us; these tasty treats are worth the walk inside.

Crisp, now with a new menu, is the place in town for a made-to-order salad with fresh ingredients. Head to either of their two locations at lunchtime and be prepared for a line out the door. What you may not know is Crisp also serves made-from-scratch soups—perfect for chilly fall or winter days—to enjoy either alongside your salad or on their own. Some favorites are taco, black bean, and French onion. Pro tip: take your soup over the top with croutons, shredded cheese, and tortilla strips.

1124 Church St., Lynchburg
or 18013 Forest Rd., Suite A-01, Forest

As the temperatures drop, nothing will warm you up more than a Mediterranean spiced chicken kebob from Tahini’s. Served over rice with your choice of fast casual fixings, this hearty and healthy meal sticks with you all day. If you’re craving something bubbly, try one of Tahini’s Stubborn Sodas made with no artificial sweeteners, colors or high fructose corn syrup. Customers also love the Chicken Shawarma salad (top).

912 Main St., Lynchburg

Magnolia Foods
By now, many of you know about Live Pure Smoothie Cubes (if not, check out the feature in the May/June 2019 issue of Lynchburg Living) but did you also know you can snag a fresh smoothie made with their products at Magnolia Foods on Rivermont Avenue? Grab one to take with you or stock up on the bags of cubes right there in the freezer section. They all taste like dessert (with no added sugar) and are loaded with superfoods.

2476 Rivermont Ave., Lynchburg

Millie’s Living Cafe at Health Nut Nutrition
Feel your sweet tooth kicking in? Stop by Millie’s Living Café at Health Nut Nutrition in Wyndhurst and grab a raw, organic, cold-pressed juice. Their juices are made with fresh ingredients to deliver a delicious combination of flavors— not to mention a huge punch of vitamins and minerals. Try the “Pineapple Zen” with jalapeño for an extra kick or the “Liver Lover” with apple, beets, carrots, and kale. I’m also a huge fan of their Dragon Bowl—it’s loaded with fresh fruit and superfoods.

1701 Enterprise Dr., Lynchburg

Montana Plains Bakery
Another delicious place to chow down on a hearty wrap is Montana Plains Bakery, also with two locations to choose from. Try the veggie whole wheat wrap stuffed with carrots, avocado, cucumber, hummus, and romaine. Loaded with protein and vitamins and fiber, this one is a win-win.

4925 Boonsboro Rd., Lynchburg
or 102 Tradewynd Dr., #A, Lynchburg

Corner Burger
Head next door for a juicy (and better-for-you!) burger at Corner Burger. By using only grass-finished beef, their burgers have less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories, but they have more vitamins E and C, beta carotene, and omega 3 fatty acids, according to owner Kent Wood. They love using local purveyors and supporting the community so you can feel good about this one!

12130 E Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, #3, Forest

The Leaf Creative Salads
If you find yourself near Cornerstone, pop in to The Leaf for one of their tasty salad combinations. They have a vast assortment of toppings such as grilled corn, roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes or bow tie pasta. Even better? Make your salad portable by turning it into a wrap.

112 Cornerstone St., Lynchburg

T&E Catering
Trying to stay away from gluten? Believe it or not Central Virginia has its very own completely gluten-free restaurant. Located in New London’s Poplar Forest Plaza, folks are flocking to T & E Catering for the pasta, sandwiches, and desserts… all of it GLUTEN FREE. The wings and dirty fries are the talk of the town and perfect to take on the go for a tailgate, picnic, or even just for staying in on a Friday night.

12130 E Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, #4, Forest

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